Christmas at the Karen Blixen Museum

Enjoy December at the Karen Blixen Museum.

Be inspired by Karen Blixen´s Christmas tree in the living room decorated in white and silver just the Baroness herself preferred it along with beautiful Christmas bouquets in the house using materials like branches with moss from nature outside.

Rosendahl Design Group presents its annual christmas show, this year with the theme: Nordic ice blue Christmas and red-traditional Christmas. Be inspired by Christmas tables and decorations in the Boganis Hall. New from the Karen Blixen´s Christmas 2014 designed by Ole Kortzau and Jette Fröhlich is available in the museum shop.

Hele udstillingen

Until December 31 the interactive exhibition “The Ghost Horses” for children is on show. In the exhibition you can see, smell, hear and touch saddles and harness, stones, beads and fur. If you give your curiosity, your sense of adventure and your senses free rein, you will experience a wonderful world of hidden treasures.

And finally don´t forget to enjoy the christmas spirit in Café Karen Blixen.


A literary exhibition for all senses for children and their grown-ups

Hestetæppet fra egetæppe

From 25 September until 31 December 2014, the Karen Blixen Museum presents The Ghost Horses, a literary exhibition for all senses. The exhibition is based on Karen Blixen’s story The Ghost Horses (1950/55), which is set in two worlds: the Nursery and the Stables.

THE GHOST HORSES is an interactive tableau, developed by art mediator Naja Pedersen and visual artist Trine Asmussen in collaboration with the Karen Blixen Museum.

THE GHOST HORSES is the museum’s first exhibition for children and their grown-ups. You will find the hayloft filled with visible and invisible things.
• The Reading Couch is for sitting down together and leafing through the Big Albums.
• The Horse Carpet is to lie down on and think about what a Ghost Horse is.
• The Saddle Horses are for riding on.
• In the Horse Gallery you can display your own portrait of a horse.
In the exhibition you can see, smell, hear and touch saddles and harnesses, stones, beads and fur. If you give your curiosity, your sense of adventure and your senses free rein, you will experience a wonderful world of hidden treasures and horses that are not there.

THE GHOST HORSES is an exhibition that blurs the boundaries between reality and fantasy and between what is really there and what you can imagine. The Ghost Horses demonstrate what litterature can do.

”The Ghost Horses”- the story
The exhibition is based on Karen Blixen’s story “The Ghost Horses” from 1950/55. You can read the story in the exhibition space. The story introduces you to Nonny, a young girl who is ill because her friend Billy has died. The other protagonists are her parents, who do not understand their daughter and think only of raising money, and her uncle, the artist Cedric, who tries to understand her. The setting is a nursery that is filled with toys and loneliness and an empty hayloft that is filled with play. Uncle Cedric is forced to review his ideas about what is valuable and what is not.

Do Notice!
• The exhibition is intended for children between 5 and 100 – but everybody is welcome!
• Children have to be accompanied by an adult
• Please be careful if you are allergic to horses, straw or hay

The exhibition is sponsored by the Oticon Fund, the Toyota Fund, the Danish Tennis Fund, Gerd and Otto Kierulff’s fund, Ege Carpets, The Royal Stables and the Municipality of Hørsholm.

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New Exhibition




One hundred years ago, Karen Blixen undertook the expedition of her life to Africa. To celebrate that event and the publication of the new edition of Blixen´s letters from Africa (half of which have never been published before), we have put together a special exhibition, YOURS, TANNE – NEW LETTERS FROM AFRICA. The exhibition consists of a selection of Karen Blixen´s orginal letters as well as newly-discovered letters to Karen Blixen from, among others, Denys Finch Hatton and Bror Blixen. In addition, we will be displaying a number of objects that have never been shown before – for example, Karen Blixen´s original travel trunks. The new letters provide a less glamorous picture of her time in Africa, which was characterized by hard work but also great love, and show how the contours of her future work took shape.









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Torchlight procession commemorating Karen Blixen
On September 7th 1962 Karen Blixen died at the age of 77. During the last years of her life the Danish author was content to know that she would be buried in her beloved garden and she planned the funeral down to its minor detail. On the day of the burial the coffin was placed in the living room draped in the Danish flag where from it was carried out through the garden and into the woods. Karen Blixen was laid to rest under the great copper beech on September 11th at the foot of the small hill named after the Danish writer Johannes Ewald.
We wish to commemorate the bond which Karen Blixen felt towards the nature and her childhood home Rungstedlund, and her life strength and commitment to literature on the 50th anniversary of her passing. In her spirit we will form a torchlight procession, which will be open to the public, departing from Runstedlund and arriving at her tomb, where her nephew Tore Dinesen honor her with a reading.
Torchlight Procession 7th of September: Departure from Rungstedlund at 9.15
Free public event

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Land Art in the park

From mid July the Museum is proud to present Land Art in the park surrounding the museum. The art piece is made of painted bird boxes made of recycled materials from the Roskilde Festival this year by visual artist Thomas Dambo in collaboration with festival guests. The bird boxes are made out of recycled wood and painted in biodegradable paint in red, blue, yellow, green, violet and pink colours and hues. The 75 bird boxes will direct guests to the museum from the station of Rungsted Kyst through the park to the Karen Blixen Museum.
The photo shows the bird boxes at the Roskilde Festival 2012. Read more at

Picture: Bird cages from the Roskilde Festival  2012, photo Thomas Dambo.

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Virtual stories in the park

This summer as a new initiative the benches in the beautiful park and bird sanctuary surrounding the Karen Blixen Museum invites you to a very special experience. Sitting down on the benches you can listen to one of Karen Blixen’s stories.
All it takes is a cell phone, which can scan a QR code! Each bench will give you a piece of a story, which piece by piece will bring you one of Karen Blixen’s magic stories. The story originates from a radio speech, which Karen Blixen performed in 1958 – the very speech, which secured her home, Rungstedlund, and established the surroundings as a sanctuary for wild life.

Walking around the park and sitting on the benches you will enter an auditory universe where the narrators voice of the past is interwoven with the present sound of birds, the breaking of the waves and the life that takes place at the museum itself. It reflects upon ”storytelling” – sorrow and loss – the story of Blixen’s own life, when she as a child lost her beloved father. It also includes the poetic retelling of the 400 year old story of Rungstedlund, the people who inhabited the place and last but the least the nightingale, whose long migratory flight from South Africa brought it to this serene place of the north.
Listening to Blixen’s story you will also watch photos taking by her former neighbour, the architect Steen Eiler Rasmussen whose great love of Rungstedlund is apparent within each picture. We hope this virtual storytelling might create a serene and beautiful experience for you as it brings together the story of one of our greatest authors and her reflections on nature and the sanctuary of this place, which were so close to her heart.

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Sommerkursus Karen Blixen og Norden

Tidligere arrangementer

Sommerkursus den 20.6. – 22.6. 2012 fra kl. 10-15.

blixen pasfoto

Blixen pasfoto

Karen Blixen Museet har til dette års sommerkursus i juni måned en perlerækkerække af formidlere og forskere til at fortælle om Karen Blixen og Norden, et emne der for tiden er stor interesse for med udgivelsen af en række nye bøger her i halvtredsåret for Karen Blixens død.

Gæsteforelæsere vil være Grethe Rostbøll, Tone Selboe, Ivo Holmqvist samt Marianne Juhl.Det koster 1250 kr. at deltage i sommerkurset. Prisen inkluderer frokost samt kaffe og kage hver dag under kurset. Billetter på billetto

Program. PROGRAM KAREN BLIXEN OG NORDEN Kurset er støttet af

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Havemaraton i juni måned



Kom og oplev Karen Blixen Museets skønne park og fuglereservatet:

Lørdag den 16. juni kl. 11 med forstkandidat og Weekendavisens faste haveskribent Peter Friis Møller. Peter Friis Møller er endvidere ansvarlig for Rungstedlunds naturmæssige plejeplaner. 

Lørdag den 23. juni kl. 11 med civilingeniør og medlem af Rungstedlundfondens bestyrelse, som eksepert indenfor natur og fugleliv, Bent Møllmann Jürgensen

Det er gratis at deltage, når almindelig museumsentré er betalt. Medlemmer af Haveselskabet Haven kan deltage gratis i havevandringerne mod fremvisning af medlemskort.

Man mødes med guiden og resten af gruppen på museets gårdsplads de angivne tidspunkter. Har man lyst til at opleve andre kunst og historiske haver tilbyder både Øregaard Museum, Sophienholm, Nivaagaards Malerisamling, Ordrupgaard samt Gl. Holtegaard også havevandringer i juni måned (for yderligere information se mere på deres hjemmesider.)

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WELCOME to the BAT SEMINAR, FRIDAY JUNE 1st,  10 a.m. – 5 p.m.





BAT: Bridging Art & Text is a seminar for people with a professional interest in the Danish and international art and literature scene. Naturama and the Karen Blixen Museum hereby invites you to be amused, inspired, provoked and  – above all – intellectually and academically stimulated by a highly qualified group of thinkers from Benin, Brazil, Cuba, Denmark, France, Jamaica, Suriname, Switzerland, Trinidad and just a few other places.

Meet a vital bunch of experts at the BAT who will share their response with all of us – but not (only) in the traditional form of an academic paper, nor an artistic improvisation: Presentations and performances are based on thorough group preparation in three thematic workshops leading up to the seminar. Prepare to get a mind-blowing input of thought, sound and visuals, which can hopefully provide valuable reflection for your own practice, whether this takes place in an independent or institutionalized setting.

BAT CURATOR: Michelle Eistrup
BAT COORDINATOR: Annemari B. Clausen
HOSTED BY: Karen Blixen Museum + Naturama, Svendborg

FUNDRAISING BY: Karen Blixen Museum, Naturama Museum, Anders Juhl, Annemari B. Clausen,
Tijana Mišković and Tine Bundgaard Quendenbaum.

BAT PARTICIPANTS  in WORKSHOP + SEMINAR: Ramzie Abrahams, Head of Department of Heritage and Knowledge, Freedom Park, South Africa; Dr. Joseph Adandé, Art Historian, Former Head of the Department of History and Archeology, University of d’Abomey-Calavi, Benin; Heruy Arefaine, Writer, Artistic Director of Ethiopian Music Festival, Consultant on ADDIS Foto Festival, Ethiopia,; Elke aus dem Moore, Artistic Director of Visual Arts, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, Germany; Noufel Bouzeboudja, ICORN Author and Journalist, Algeria/Denmark; Yvette Brackman, Visual Artist, U.S.A,/Russia/Denmark; Maria Bregnbak, Art Historian/Curator, FAIR Residency Coordinator, Denmark/ France; Ery Camara, Curator, Art Historian, Museo De Arte Moderno, Mexico/Senegal; Beate Cegielska, Director of Galleri Image, Poland/Denmark; Annemari B. Clausen, BAT Coordinator/Previous Visual Arts Coordinator for My World Images, DCCD, Denmark; Florent Couao-Zotti, Writer/Journalist/La Nouvelle Tribune, Benin; Christopher Cozier, Curator/Co-Director of Alice’s Yard, Trinidad; Prof. C. Daniel Dawson, Curator/ Lecturer of African Diaspora, Columbia/New York University, U.S.A.; Michelle Eistrup, Visual Artist/ BAT Curator, Jamaica/Denmark; Jeannette Ehlers, Visual Artist, Trinidad/Denmark; Prof. Amaraswar Galla, Executive Director, International Institute for the Inclusive Museum, India/Australia/France; Yoyo Gonthier, Visual Artist, Niger/Réunion/France; Gillion Grantsaan, Visual Artist, Surinam/Netherlands/Denmark; Grethe Hald, Curator, Norway; Nancy Hoffman, Curator/Previous Director of Instituto Buena Bista, Curaçao Center for Contemporary Art, Netherlands; Sasha Huber, Visual Artist/Co-Curator, Kalliokunsthalle, Switzerland/Haiti/Finland; Anders Juhl, Museum Coordinator/ Sound Artist/ Musicologist, Karen Blixen Museum, Denmark; Britt Kramvig, Filmmaker/ Researcher, Norway; Charl Landvreugd, Visual Artist/Art Historian, Surinam/Holland; Nicholas Laughlin, Editor of Caribbean Review of Books/Writer and /Co-Director of Alice’s Yard, Co-Organizer of Bocas Literary Festival, Trinidad; Ida Brændholt Lundgaard, Senior Advisor in the Department for Cultural Institutions and Operational Support, Danish Agency for Culture, Denmark; Dr. Carlos Moore, Historian/Writer, Brazil/Cuba; Iben Mondrup, Curator, Greenland/Denmark; Ebony G. Patterson, Visual Artist/Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky, Jamaica/U.S.; Marie Magdalena Campos Pons, Visual Artist/Curator, GASP, Cuba/US; Kirse Junge-Stevnsborg, Artistic Director of Fri Udstillingsbygning, Denmark; Dina Yafasova Author, Usbekistan/Denmark.

BAT BIOS of Participants in Workshop + Seminar

The Program of the event will come soon: Please Stay Tuned



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The 3. of May the international Steinbeck Festival begins. The Karen Blixen Museum participates with a smaller exhibition:

Steinbeck Festival photo  

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