Christmas at the Karen Blixen Museum

Enjoy December at the Karen Blixen Museum.


Be inspired by Karen Blixen´s Christmas tree in the living room decorated in white and silver just like the baroness herself preferred it along with beautiful Christmas bouquets in the house using materials like branches with moss from the nature outside.

Rosendahl Design Group presents it´s annual christmas show. Be inspired by their Christmas tables and decorations in the Boganis Hall. Karen Blixen’s Christmas by Rosendahl is a range of attractive and highly imaginative Christmas decorations. Buy Christmasgifts in the museumshop.

Don´t forget to enjoy the Christmas spirit in Café Karen Blixen. During Christmas the museum is closed the following days: December 24. New Year´s Day, 1. Christmas Day and 2. Christmas Day.

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Blixen on Stage


The Karen Blixen Museum is for the first time exhibiting the original Karen Blixen dresses. In collaborating with set designer Stine Martinsen the museum is proud to present the temporary exhibition “Blixen on Stage.”

The exhibition opens on Thursday the 17th of September and will be open until 31st of December.

The exhibition focuses on the performative aspects of the author and storyteller Karen Blixen and how her “masks” has been represented on stage.

Karen Blixen could be very theatrical both in her attire and appearance. Disguise and metamorphosis were recurring features in her life and her writing.

In Blixen’s universe, the mask does not necessarily hide our true identity. Rather, it makes us wiser about the person behind the mask. Blixen’s wardrobe clearly shows an assured sense of style and functions as a remarkable set of masks which Blixen uses to convey exactly what she wants.


Original Blixen Dresses

Recently the Karen Blixen Museum has received two original Blixen dresses, Blixen’s own kimono and her father Wilhelm’s shirt, which he was given in Wisconsin in 1880.

These garments demonstrate a wide span from the feminine to the masculine, just as they reflect the fragility and strength that Karen Blixen’s personality contained.

Scenography of mirrors

Blixen’s recognizable style has inspired fashion designers worldwide and it has often been interpreted at the theater.

Blixen_On_Stage_011_300ppiThe Reumert-nominated performance “About the Baroness” playing at the Danish theatre Folketeatret in 2012, with the Danish actriss Karen Lise Mynster playing Karen Blixen. The costumes of Blixen are shown at “Blixen on Stage”.

The Danish Theatre Det Flydende Teater presented the play “The Pact” also in 2012. The critically acclaimed show had the male Danish actor Lars Junggreen playing Blixen and his costumes are also on display in the theatrical set design of “Blixen on Stage”.


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New Exhibition




One hundred years ago, Karen Blixen undertook the expedition of her life to Africa. To celebrate that event and the publication of the new edition of Blixen´s letters from Africa (half of which have never been published before), we have put together a special exhibition, YOURS, TANNE – NEW LETTERS FROM AFRICA. The exhibition consists of a selection of Karen Blixen´s orginal letters as well as newly-discovered letters to Karen Blixen from, among others, Denys Finch Hatton and Bror Blixen. In addition, we will be displaying a number of objects that have never been shown before – for example, Karen Blixen´s original travel trunks. The new letters provide a less glamorous picture of her time in Africa, which was characterized by hard work but also great love, and show how the contours of her future work took shape.









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