Virtual stories in the park

This summer as a new initiative the benches in the beautiful park and bird sanctuary surrounding the Karen Blixen Museum invites you to a very special experience. Sitting down on the benches you can listen to one of Karen Blixen’s stories.
All it takes is a cell phone, which can scan a QR code! Each bench will give you a piece of a story, which piece by piece will bring you one of Karen Blixen’s magic stories. The story originates from a radio speech, which Karen Blixen performed in 1958 – the very speech, which secured her home, Rungstedlund, and established the surroundings as a sanctuary for wild life.

Walking around the park and sitting on the benches you will enter an auditory universe where the narrators voice of the past is interwoven with the present sound of birds, the breaking of the waves and the life that takes place at the museum itself. It reflects upon ”storytelling” – sorrow and loss – the story of Blixen’s own life, when she as a child lost her beloved father. It also includes the poetic retelling of the 400 year old story of Rungstedlund, the people who inhabited the place and last but the least the nightingale, whose long migratory flight from South Africa brought it to this serene place of the north.
Listening to Blixen’s story you will also watch photos taking by her former neighbour, the architect Steen Eiler Rasmussen whose great love of Rungstedlund is apparent within each picture. We hope this virtual storytelling might create a serene and beautiful experience for you as it brings together the story of one of our greatest authors and her reflections on nature and the sanctuary of this place, which were so close to her heart.

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