In the shop you can buy all the books written by Karen Blixen (Isak Dinesen) in different languages and editions as well as movies and books about her life and work. We also offer a selection of handicrafts and African gift items from Kazuri and African Image. The income generated through the purchases of the products will be used to support the museum.

You can purchase reproductions of artworks by Karen Blixen, among other the African portraits, the rhinoceros hornbill and her pastels. The prices of the posters (60 cm x 42 cm) are DKK 200,- and (100 cm x 61 cm) DKK 250,-.

The popular “owl cans” are handmade by ceramist Erik. B. Bendtsen and the design is inspired by the green “owl can” of Karen Blixen. The original “owl can” is exhibited in the kitchen of Karen Blixen.

Prices are DKK 275,- , DKK 300,- and DKK 375,- respectively.

Damask is back in fashion and the Danish designer Evalou has designed a collection of  tablecloths, table runners, napkins and dish cloths in stylish damask. You can chose between a delicate light blue and the beautyful light green colour that Karen Blixen chose for her kitchen. The damask is made in Portugal and the print is inspired by the menu of Babette’s Feast featuring turtles and quails.


Tablecloth (275 cm x 150 cm) DKK 995,-
Napkins (2 pieces) DKK 125,- kr. and dish cloth (2 pieces) DKK 195,-
Table runner (47 cm x 150 cm) DKK 250,-


If you wish to contribute to the safeguarding of the heritage of Karen Blixen we invite you to give a one off donation of any amount in the shop or as an online donation to the Rungstedlund Foundation. Donations of DKK 200,- or more are highly appreciated because the Museum thus becomes eligible to a special tax reduction. When you donate DKK 200,- or more the Museum will offer you a picture of Karen Blixen with one of her philosofical insights: “Our life is a mosaic work that the Creator fills piece by piece.”

The Rungstedlund Foundation runs the Museum and the Bird Sanctuary. Karen Blixen established the Rungstedled Foundation in 1958 with the aim of ensuring the establisment of a bird sanctuary on the estate and that the buildings would be used for a cultural purpose.

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