Rungstedlund’s 14 acres of land, comprising garden and grove, is maintained as a bird sanctuary and is open all day.

Isak Dinesen Park and Bird Sanctuary, Karen Blixen Museum Park


A walk beginning at the main entrance to the Museum follows a path running past the pond and white bridge leading to the orchard and the flower garden, which supplies the rooms with fresh flowers in season. The path leads up to the highest point of the grove, “Ewald’s Hill”. Karen Blixen is buried under the large beech tree at the foot of the hill. The little hill is named “Ewald” because the writer Johannes Ewald mentions it in his autobiographical novel Levnet og Meninger (Life and Thoughts, published 1804-08) and an earlier owner of the house erected a memorial stone to him on the hill. In 1961 Karen Blixen planted the Manor Grove, to the west of Ewald’s Hill, with trees from the various country houses throughout Denmark with which she had connections.


The grove is a forest reserve with beech trees, many of which are between 250 and 300 years old. The poet Johannes Ewald walked among the same trees when he lodged at Rungsted Inn in the late 1700s. The benches in the grove are named after birds, or people with a personal link to the house – for example: “The Lady’s Bench” named after Karen Blixen’s mother, Ingeborg Dinesen; “Clara’s Bench” after Clara Selborn, Karen Blixen’s secretary and literary executor; “Madam Carlsen’s Bench” after Caroline Carlsen who was for many years housekeeper at Rungstedlund.

Isak Dinesen Park and Bird Sanctuary, Karen Blixen Museum Park


In a radio broadcast in July 1958, Karen Blixen talked about her plans to make Rungstedlund a protected area in order to provide a stop-over site for migratory birds. She asked her listeners to give one krone each to the Rungstedlund Foundation so that the plans could be carried out. 80,000 listeners responded to her request.
The Bird Sanctuary is supervised by the Danish Ornithological Society, which has hung and maintains approx. 200 nesting boxes – 40 different species of bird now breed in the sanctuary.

N.B.: Dogs must be kept on a leash!