Tove Hussein: Africa’s Song of Karen Blixen, 1998.
Tove Hussein has contacted many of the African people who worked on Karen Blixen’s farm, and gives an account of their lives since that time.

Anders Westenholz: Kraftens horn. Myte og virkelighed i Karen Blixens liv, 1982.
The Power of Aries: Myth and Reality in Karen Blixen’s Life, 1987.

Helmuth Ahrens: Die Afrikanischen Jahre der Tania Blixen. Eine biografische Skizze, 1987.

Errol Trzebinski: Silence Will Speak. A Study of the Life of Denys Finch Hatton and His Relationship with Karen Blixen, 1977

Ulf Aschan: Baron Blixen. Ett porträt av Baron Bror Blixen-Finecke, 1986; The Man Whom Women Loved. The Life of Bror Blixen, 1987.

Linda Donelson: Out of Isak Dinesen’s Africa. The Untold Story, 1995


Birthe Andrup: Kære Baronesse, 1985.
Personal reminiscences by the librarian Birthe Andrup, who was a close friend of Karen Blixen.

Thorkild Bjørnvig: Pagten. Mit venskab med Karen Blixen, 1974.
The Pact. My Friendship with Isak Dinesen, 1983.
About the very personal relationship between the young poet Bjørnvig and Karen Blixen, his mentor from 1948 to 1954; the friendship „pact“ they entered in 1950 and the definitive breakup of their friendship four years later.

Caroline Carlsen: Erindringer om Karen Blixen. Fortalt til Frans Lasson, 1976.
The housekeeper at Rungstedlund from 1941 describes daily life in Karen Blixen’s home.

Thomas Dinesen: Tanne. Min søster, 1974.
My Sister Isak Dinesen, 1975.
Karen Blixen’s brother, six years her junior and her intimate friend throughout her life, writes about their childhood and the years she spent in Africa, during which he stayed at the farm for lengthy periods.

Aage Henriksen: De ubændige, 1984.
In the chapter entitled „Rungstedlund“, Professor Aage Henriksen recounts his personal memories of the period during which he, as a young literary scholar and budding writer, was a frequent visitor to Rungstedlund.

Frans Lasson (red.) og Clara Svendsen (tekst): Karen Blixen. En digterskæbne i billeder,1969; The Life and Destiny of Isak Dinesen, 1970; Isak Dinesen. Her Life in Pictures, 1994.
A photographic biography, with accompanying text on Karen Blixen and her family.

Ulla Rask: Mit samarbejde med Karen Blixen. Erindringer fortalt til Frans Lasson, in Blixeniana 1981. Included in Frans Lasson’s Karen Blixen på Rungstedlund, 1994, in which the above-mentioned memoirs by Birthe Andrup and Caroline Carlsen are also re-printed.

Erling Schroeder: Pierrot, 1984.
Actor and stage director Erling Schroeder writes about his friendship with Karen Blixen.

Clara Selborn: Notater om Karen Blixen, 1974.
Librarian and translator Clara Selborn (formerly Svendsen) was Karen Blixen’s secretary from the 1940s onwards, lived periodically at Rungstedlund and accompanied Karen Blixen on many trips. Karen Blixen’s literary executor since 1962.

Ole Wivel: Et uafsluttet selvopgør, 1987.
Writer and publisher Ole Wivel’s account of Karen Blixen’s works seen in the light of his personal acquaintance with her.

Karen Blixen. edited by Clara Svendsen and Ole Wivel, 1962.
A commemorative book containing numerous short contributions by people from Denmark and abroad who knew Karen Blixen in various contexts: The American Academy, Margaret Anderson, Birthe Andrup, Birthe Arnbak, Cecil Beaton, John Becker, Sybille Bedford, Thorkild Bjørnvig, Louise Bogan, Merete Bonnesen, Johan Borgen, Jørgen Gustava Brandt, Finn Carling, Curtis Cate, Marchette Chute, Jørgen Claudi, Erik Clemmesen, Denti di Pirajno, Babette Deutsch, Ghislain de Diesbach, Thomas Dinesen, Lawrence Durrell, Christian Elling, Janet Flanner, Charles Henri Ford, Ruth Ford, Jytte Fyrst, John Gielgud, the Government of Kenya, Elsa Gress, Harald Grieg, Eugene Haynes, Aage Henriksen, Jerome Hill, Barbara Howes, Thyra Jakstein, Philippe Jullian, Mohamed Juma, Frank Jæger, Aage Kabell, Kamande Gatura, Viggo Kjær Petersen, Olof Lagercrantz, Robert Langbaum, Leo Lerman, Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck, Sidney Lumet, Carson McCullers, Parmenia Migel, Bent Mohn, Elizabeth Montagu, Marianne Moore, Ellen Nielsen, Clemens Podewils, Steen Eiler Rasmussen, Vagn Riisager, Edmée de la Rochefoucauld, Peter P. Rohde, Johannes Rosendahl, Nancy Wilson Ross, Zachary Scott, Bo Setterlind, William Jay Smith, Solita Solano, Carl van Vechten, Monica Stirling, Hudson Strode, Clara Svendsen, W.E. Süskind, Violet Trefusis, Eugene Walter, Eudora Welty, Glenway Wescott, Donald Windham, Ole Wivel, Per Wästberg.