In which story written by Karen Blixen is there a fire at a theatre? Who was Berkeley Cole? Where do we find a character called Hamilcar von Sehested? Has Tom Kristensen written reviews of Karen Blixen’s books? Has Out of Africa been published in Italy? Is there such a thing as a ‘Karen Blixen calendar’? Which theatre has performed The Revenge of Truth? When was the American Professor Robert Langbaum’s book about Karen Blixen published? Was Ellen Dahl Karen Blixen’s sister? In which poem written by Karen Blixen is the first line: “I sit Fængsel synger mit Hjerte”?
All these questions and many thousands more are answered in Liselotte Henriksen’s Blixikon. Karen Blixen fra A til Å, 1999. This reference book, arranged in alphabetical order, provides the answers to virtually every factual question about Karen Blixen and her works, biographical details, Blixen research, Blixen institutions etc. The book also contains short summaries of all the tales. There are, in total, approximately 5,000 entries in Blixikon.

Senior Reference Librarian Liselotte Henriksen has also published a bibliography: Karen Blixen. En bibliografi, 1977, and a reference guide: Karen Blixen. En håndbog, 1988. Liselotte Henriksen was awarded the Rungstedlund Prize in 2000.