The Karen Blixen archives are housed in the Manuscript Department at the Royal Library in Copenhagen. Access to the archives is by application.

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Enquiries should be addressed to:
Elisabeth Nøjgaard, museumsdirektør

Or to:

The Karen Blixen Museum
Att: Elisabeth Nøjgaard
Rungsted Strandvej 111
2960 Rungsted Kyst

Collections in the Karen Blixen Archives (164 files):
I. Letters
II. Biography
III. Finances
IV. Karen Blixen’s manuscripts
V. Printed materials
VI. Drawings
VII. Manuscripts by others, sent or given to Karen Blixen

Family archives linked to the Karen Blixen Archives:
A. Karen Blixen’s parents
B. Karen Blixen’s siblings
C. Other relatives
D. Karen Blixen’s husband

In addition, the Department of Maps, Prints and Photographs at the Royal Library in Copenhagen houses a large collection of photographic material concerning Karen Blixen.

Researchers may apply for access to Karen Blixen’s library of Danish and foreign-language books. Besides those she collected herself, there are many books inherited from her maternal and paternal families, and others belonged to Denys Finch Hatton and his family. Karen Blixen made numerous notes in many of the books. Books and notes have been catalogued by the librarian Pia Bondesson in Karen Blixens bogsamling på Rungstedlund (Karen Blixen’s Library at Rungstedlund, not translated into English), 1982.