Karen Blixen wrote nearly all her tales in English and translated the majority into Danish herself. One of the exceptions was The Angelic Avengers, which she dictated in Danish to a stenographer, Ulla Rask. As Karen Blixen translated or retold her tales in Danish herself, the English and Danish versions are not completely identical. In an article entitled “Isak Dinesen in English, Danish and Translation: Are We Reading the Same Text?” (from the anthology Isak Dinesen: Critical Views, ed. Olga Pelensky, 1993), Lise Kure-Jensen compares the Danish and English versions, concluding that the Danish versions have a richer and more specific vocabulary.

Karen Blixen’s works have been published in 27 countries, besides the USA and Great Britain. There are, in all, 137 editions of Karen Blixen’s books in languages other than English. Of these, 47 were published during Karen Blixen’s lifetime, in the following European countries: Czechoslovakia, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden.


Of the 137 translations of Karen Blixen’s books, 59 were published after the Sydney Pollack film Out of Africa, made in 1985. While it may not have been the only reason for this international interest in her writing, the release of the film was certainly a contributory factor. Following the worldwide screening of Out of Africa, Karen Blixen’s works were translated for the first time in countries such as Bulgaria, China, Korea, Portugal, Russia, and Yugoslavia.

The most frequently translated book by Karen Blixen is Out of Africa (22 languages), but Seven Gothic Tales is not far behind (20 languages). It is interesting to note that the first country to translate Karen Blixen’s debut collection, Seven Gothic Tales, following its publication in the USA in April 1934, was not Denmark, but Sweden. The Swedish publishing house Bonniers acted quickly and published Sju romantiska berättelser in September 1934, just five months after the American edition.

The Danish translation did not appear until September 1935, a year after the Swedish publication. The delay was caused by the fact that the Danish translation was initially entrusted to the writer Valdemar Rørdam, but having read his draft, Karen Blixen realised that she could quite satisfactorily retell her tales in Danish herself.



1979 Seven Gothic Tales. Sete novellas fantasticas.
The African Farm. A Fazenda Africana.
1988 Anecdotes of Destiny. A festa de Babette e outras anedotas do Destino.
1992 Shadows on the Grass. Sombras na relva.
1996 Winter’s Tales. Contos de inverno.
1993 Out of Africa. Isbn Afruka.
Seven Gothic Tales. Seget fantastiski Istorii.
1958 Last Tales. Historias del cardenal.
1988 Out of Africa
2000 Seven Gothic Tales. Winter’s Tales. Anecdotes of Destiny.
1999 Seven Gothic Tales.
1949 Out of Africa. Afriká farma.
1982 Seven Gothic Tales (Slovakian). Sedem fantastickych príbehov.
1986 Winter’s tales. Zimni pohadky.
Anecdotes of Destiny. Anekdoty osudu.
1994 Out of Africa. Aafrika äärel.
1938 Out of Africa. Eurooppalaisena Afrikassa.
1944 Winter’s Tales. Talvisia tarinoita.
1945 The Angelic Avengers. Koston tie.
1956 Seven Gothic Tales. Seitsaman salaperaista tarina.
1957 Last Tales. Viimeiset tarinat.
1958 Anecdotes of Destiny. Kohtalo tarinoita.
1961 Shadows on the Grass. Varjoja ruohikolla.
1963 Ehrengard. Ehrengard.
1942 Out of Africa. La ferme africaine.
1955 Seven Gothic Tales. Sept contes gothiques.
1961 Anecdotes of Destiny. Le diner de Babette.
1962 Shadows on the Grass. Ombres sur la prairie.
1964 The Angelic Avengers. Les voies de la vengeance.
1970 Winter’s Tales. Contes d’hiver.
1977 Last Tales. Nouveaux contes d’hiver
1978 Efterladte fortællinger. Les chevaux fantômes et autres contes.
1985 Letters from Africa 1914-31. Lettres d’Afrique 1914-31. Abridged version.
1987 Samlede Essays. Essais.
1988 Kongesønnerne og andre efterladte fortællinger. Les fils de rois et autre contes.
1937 Seven Gothic Tales. Die Sintflut von Norderney und andere seltsame Geschichten.
1938 Out of Africa. Afrika dunkel lockende Welt.
1955 Winter’s Tales. Part 1. Die Träumer und andere seltsame Erzählungen.
1958 Winter’s Tales. Part 2. Kamingeschichten. 1985 new translation with new title: Wintergeschichten.
1959 The Angelic Avengers. Die Rache der Engel.
Last Tales. Widerhal. Letzte Erzählungen.
1960 Anecdotes of Destiny. Schicksalanekdoten.
1961 Shadows on the Grass. Schatten wandern übers Gras.
1965 Ehrengard. Ehrengard.
1982 Efterladte fortællinger. Gespensterpferde Erzählungen. 1990 with new sub-title: Nachgelassene Erzählungen.
1987 On Modern Marriage and Other Observations. Moderne Ehe und andere Betrachtungen.
1988 Letters from Africa 1914-1931. Briefe aus Afrika 1914-1931. Selection.
1991 Samlede Essays. Mottos meines Lebens – Betrachtungen aus drei Jahrzehnten.
1995 Kongesønnerne og andre efterladte fortællinger. Karneval: Erzählungen aus dem Nachlass.
1984 Ehrengard.
1989 Anecdotes of Destiny.
1991 Last Tales.
1994 The Angelic Avengers.
1987 Out of Africa. Volt egy farmom Afrikában.
1952 Out of Africa. Jörd i Afriku.
Last Tales. Sidustu sögur.
1959 Winter’s Tales. Vetraævintyri.
1964 Ehrengard. Ehrengard.
1980 Seven Gothic Tales.
1985 Winter’s Tales.
1986 Out of Africa.
1987 Efterladte fortællinger.
1991 Shadows on the Grass.
1996 Last Tales.
1936 Seven Gothic Tales. Una Notte a Parigi e altri racconti gotici.
1978 revised, new title: Sette storie Gotiche.
1959 Out of Africa. La mia Africa.
1960 Winter’s Tales. Racconti d’inverno.
1962 Last Tales. Ultimi racconti.
Anecdotes of Destiny. Capricci del destino.
1979 Ehrengard. Ehrengard.
1985 The Angelic Avengers. I vendicatori angelici.
Shadows on the Grass. Ombre sull’erba.
1986 On Modern Marriage and Other Observations. Il matrimonio moderne.
1987 Letters from Africa 1914-1931. Lettere dall’Africa 1914-1931. Selection.
1989 On Mottoes of My Life and Other Essays. I motti della mia vita.
The Revenge of Truth.
1990 Kongesønnerne og andre efterladte fortællinger. Carnevale e altri racconti postumi.
1995 Samlede essays. Dagherrotipi.
1977 Anecdotes of Destiny.
1979 Out of Africa.
1981 The Angelic Avengers.
Seven Gothic Tales.
1995 Winter’s Tales.
2000 Out of Africa.
1996 Seven Gothic Tales. Septini romantiski stasti.
1998 Anecdotes of Destiny. Liktena Anekdotes.
1995 Anecdotes of destiny. Lemties anekdotai.
1996 Out of Africa. Is Afrikos.
1938 Out of Africa. Op én farm in Africa.
New translation in 1962 with a new title: Én Lied van Afrika.
1961 Winter’s Tales. Wintervertellingen.
1962 Shadows on the Grass. Schaduwen op het gras.
1963 Anecdotes of Destiny. Anekdoten van het lot.
1964 Seven Gothic Tales. Zeven grillige Verhalen.
1965 Last Tales. Laatste verhalen.
1986 under new title: Nachtelijk gesprek in Kopenhagen. Laatste Verhalen.
1966 Ehrengard. Ehrengard.
1982 Efterladte fortællinger. De spookpaarden en andere vertellingen.
1935 Seven Gothic Tales. Syv fantastiske fortellinger.
1948 Out of Africa. Den afrikanske farm.
1949 The Angelic Avengers. Gjengjeldelsens veier.
1957 Last Tales. Siste fortellinger.
1958 Anecdotes of Destiny. Skjebneanekdoter.
1960 Shadows on the Grass. Skygger på gresset.
1998 Winter’s Tales. Vintereventyr.
1960 Out of Africa. Pozegnanie z Afryka.
1977 Seven Gothic Tales. Siedem fantastycznych príbehov.
1995 Winter’s Tales. Zimowe opowiesci.
Shadows on the Grass. Cienie na trawie.
Anecdotes of Destiny. Anegdoty o przeznaczeniu.
Samlede Essays. Dagerotypy.
1996 The Angelic Avengers. Niewinne Mscicilki.
Last Tales. Opowiesci ostatne.
Kongesønnerne og andre efterladte fortællinger. Karnawal.
1999 Letters from Africa 1914-1931. Listy z Afryki. Selection.
1985 Winter’s Tales. Contos de inverno.
1987 Seven Gothic Tales. Sete contos Góticos.
Out of Africa. Africa minha.
1988 Ehrengard. Ehrengarda, a ninfa do lago
Last Tales. Selected edition. Novos contos de inverno.
Shadows on the Grass. Sombras no capim.
1989 Last Tales. Part 2. As cariátides.
1995 Anecdotes of Destiny. A festa di Babette e outras histórias do destino.
1985 Seven Gothic Tales. Sapte povestriri gotice.
Anecdotes of Destiny. Anecdote ale destinului.
1993 Seven Gothic Tales.
1997 Out of Africa.
1959 Seven Gothic Tales. Siete cuentos goticos.
1960 Out of Africa. Africa Mia.
1961 Shadows on the Grass. Sombras en la hierba.
1964 Anecdotes of Destiny. Anecdotas del destino.
1972 Last Tales. Las caryatides y otros cuentos góticos.
1990 new translation with new title: Ultimos cuentos.
1982 Efterladte fortællinger. Carnaval. Recreaciones y cuentos póstumos.
1984 Ehrengard. Ehrengard.
The Angelic Avengers. Vengadores angelicas.
1985 Winter’s Tales. Cuentos de invierno.
1986 Winter’s Tales (Catalan). Contes d’hivern.
1991 Kongesønnerne og andre efterladte fortællinger. Carnaval.
1992 Anecdotes of Destiny (Basque). Patuaren pasadizoak.
1993 Letters from Africa 1914-1931. Cartas de Afrika. Selection.
1995 Seven Gothic Tales (Catalan). Set contes gòtics.
1997 Ehrengard (Gaulish). Ehrengard.
1934 Seven Gothic Tales. Sju romantiska berättelser.
1937 Out of Africa. Afrikansk Pastoral.
From 1955 new title: Den afrikanske Farmen.
1942 Winter’s Tales. Vintersagor.
1945 The Angelic Avengers. Vedergällningens väger.
1957 Last Tales. Sista berättelser.
1958 Anecdotes of Destiny. Ödets lekar.
1960 Shadows on the Grass. Skuggor på gräset.
1963 Ehrengard. Ehrengard.
1977 Efterladte fortællinger. Karneval. Efterlämnade berättelser.
1982 Letters from Africa 1914-1931. Breven från Afrika 1914-1931. Selection.
1983 On Modern Marriage and Other Observations. Moderna äktenskap och andra betraktelser.
1986 Out of Africa (Serbo-Croat). Moja Afrika.
Out of Africa (Slovenian). Spomi na Afriko.
1994 Ehrengard (Serbian). Erengard i druge price.