The Karen Blixen Museum is celebrating these three authors along with the affiliated writer’s homes — Sigrid Undset’s home Bjerkebæk in Norway and Selma Lagerlöf’s Mårbacka in Sweden — as well as the Norwegian Festival of Literature.

Graphic design: Mette Secher
Photo: Danny Gudnitz

The exhibition has received the generous support of:
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“Courage, humour and love”

Exhibitions Isak Dinesen Karen Blixen "Courage, humour and love"

Karen Blixen’s life and work

Open from January 25, 2019

The new exhibition “Courage, humour and love – Karen Blixen’s life and work” relates the vibrant tale of her superb literary works and dramatic life.

Exhibitions Isak Dinesen "Courage, humour and love" Karen Blixen

The museum has reconceived its entire presentation, so that it is brimming with the joy of storytelling. Her seven world-famous works are displayed in their original editions and introduced in the most beautiful way. Placards, photos, new documentary films, historic sound recordings, and graphics invite everyone to identify with the magnificent universe of Karen Blixen – from dyed-in-the-wool Blixen fans to school students and casual tourists.

For the first time, Karen Blixen’s paint box from Africa will be displayed, and one of her many elegant ball gowns will also be on display. In her modest personal library, cuts from her exquisite record collections can be heard.

The exhibition also provides new knowledge that has been discovered about Karen Blixen in recent years.




Exhibitions Isak Dinesen "Courage, humour and love" Karen Blixen Museum

Letters from Africa has now been published in a complete version, and the Westenholz family has opened its archives. Among other things, it turns out that the family forked out DKK 100 million in today’s currency to finance the coffee farm and Karen Blixen’s 17 years in Africa.

In her final TV interview, Karen Blixen gives the following advice to young people: “First and foremost, you must be brave. You cannot live without great courage. And if they were to inquire further, I would say: You must be able to love, and you must have a sense of humour”. From this, the exhibition’s title derives.

Courage, humour and love are like prisms 



For the first time, Karen Blixen’s kitchen will be open to the public. Visiting guests can see the original crystal glasses and porcelain used by Karen Blixen along with her cookbook, the menu of “Babette’s Feast”, and a wonderful array of the dishes that Babette served during her feast. The kitchen will be filled with ingredients and curiosities, evoking Babette’s culinary and artistic savvy  and the inspired creations of Blixen herself.

Exhibition photo: Babette’s Feast (Gabriel Axel, 1987), Photo: Peter Gabriel